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Between the Vines, Part I

“…I arrived on a late October afternoon just over a century after my great grandfather, Otto, had emigrated from the same German town of Osthofen not far from the Rhine. Osthofen, like many other small towns in the southern Rheinhessen, excels in viniculture and has for hundreds of years. It was through the vineyards that I heard Otto’s family made their living but was unclear how. This question and a desire to connect is what led me to my ancestral home…”


Between the Vines, Part II

“…Before our departure, Rainer bought me a bottle of wine as a memento. Although not the same as what we shared in the café, it was a piece of living landscape delicately captured in glass. The bottle would accompany me home a few months later where it remains sealed to this day. I wondered if Otto also took a piece of landscape with him when he left Osthofen…”