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The Curious Tale of George Washington’s Madeira

“…Later that evening, over dinner at Hillsborough’s El Pueblo Viejo, I noticed a photo of a home that years later would become this restaurant. The manager relayed its history as the former Gatewood House and mentioned that Washington stayed a night in this home during his presidency! I wondered: why did Washington visit? Did he enjoy Madeira that evening? I decided to seek answers and taste this historic wine.…”

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An Alluring Local Nebbiolo

“…As I drove up to Grove to meet Max, the shade trees surrounding the vineyard were a constant companion, reminding me that they had witnessed a century of farming before the first vines were planted in 2002. The soil that once nurtured tobacco and other crops now provided for the grapes soaking up the warm afternoon sun. Standing in the vineyard gave me an immediate sense of history and place, and I looked forward to experiencing the terroir of the landscape and how it was reflected in the wine.…”