Hello, my name is Nate Goetz.

My interest in wine began in college living abroad with a family of Danish oenophiles. Not only did they cultivate an appreciation, but taught me the importance of wine’s role in engaging people through storytelling. With their encouragement, I traveled to meet my German relatives discovering my ancestral connection to viniculture. By the time I arrived home, those experiences had laid the foundation for a lifelong passion.

During a successful, two-decade long career in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, I honed my unique writing style and built a diverse publications portfolio; all while fostering continued exploration in the world of wine. Taking advantage of my proximity to AVAs in California and North Carolina, I began writing about the sense of place wine creates through the lens of smaller regions.

My first “gig” as wine columnist for The Heart of Hillsborough magazine allowed me to explore the experience of wine through tasting, storytelling and interviews that complimented life in the historic town of Hillsborough, NC. After moving to Chapel Hill, I started Prose & Wine to focus further on wine’s sense of place and its role in inspiring the stories that define us. I also write for The Vintner Project, an international collaborative effort to explore the vast and diverse world of wine in an approachable way, focusing on the stories of wineries and the people behind them.

Prior to pursuing wine journalism, my work appeared in the Journal of Refugee Studies (Oxford University Press), Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (Johns Hopkins University Press), Studies in Contemporary History and Security Policy (Peter Lang Publishing), Adoption Today (Fostering Media Connections), Philanthropy Journal (NC State University), New Issues in Refugee Research (United Nations Refugee Agency), and Forced Migration and Global Processes (Lexington Books).